Looking for something nice to wear? Something that’s both smart and comfortable at the same time? Well, look no further! Baggy trousers are definitely the item to pick and once you have found your ideal pair, all you have to do is match them with a nice blouse or top.

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As seen above, a patterned pair are best worn with a one-coloured top, as wearing clashing prints may create a messy ensemble. Furthermore, by wearing a complementary, one-coloured top, the cool pattern of the trousers is emphasised. The top or blouse should be tucked in a bit at the front to add structure to the outfit, show off the waist and to avoid a sloppy appearance.

These brown and orange patterned trousers look great with a peach, cream, black or brown blouse. The great part of this outfit is that it is versatile and can be worn for any occasion: at work, while meeting up with friends or going out on a date. Below are more examples of patterned baggy trousers with a one-coloured blouse:

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As the trousers are dressy, the top you wear with them will define how smart or casual you want to appear. A collared blouse makes the outfit appear smart while a simple long-sleeved top makes it more casual.


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As for a plain pair of baggy trousers, a one-coloured blouse or top goes with them just as well as a patterned one! Yet again, the top will determine what kind of  a look you want to pull off: smart, casual, flirty, the list is endless. Also, the material of the top or blouse you are wearing will highlight the desired look. For example, a chiffon or silk blouse will make the outfit look smart and sophisticated while a cotton or viscose top will make it look cool and casual.

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The combination above is cute and flirty, while the combination below is something you could wear on a daily basis.



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Baggy trousers can be worn almost all year round: spring, summer and autumn. To find the most suitable top or blouse to match your pair, look at the colours in the pattern of the trousers and pick from them. If your pair only have one colour, e.g. black, then matching a top with them will be easier. Good luck with finding the perfect pair of baggy trousers for you!