Lady in a cozy knitwear

When summer is over, we cannot get used to cold and wet weather. At this very season of a year we need warm and sensible clothes. So, let’s turn our attention to fashionable and stylish knitwear.

Different kinds of knitwear never go out of fashion. They are included in the collections of famous Fashion Houses of famous designers. Silhouettes, models, quality, colours can change with the course of time, but still, pieces of knitwear keep on to warm us and to provide comfort.

Sweaters, pullovers, shawls, knitted coats, jackets, vests, dresses, skirts – all this knitwear makes up a stylish collection of fashionable items. And the most important thing – that they should be warm, cozy and always elegant.

Knitwear is very often used as dressing-up clothes. And it is not surprising. The world of knitwear is stylish and unique, as you can easily change your image, if you just put on a bright knitted shawl on your shoulders or tie a nice scarf, even without buying a new pullover or blazer. Just a little touch will create a new image for you. Fashionable knitwear requires the presence of nice accessories: stylish belts, bracelets, earrings, chains and even beads will look stylish and rich on these pieces of clothing. It is desirable that they were made ​​of natural materials, as it’s a real tribute to fashion.

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Most irreplaceable elements of autumn wardrobe

The weather in autumn gets cooler from the first days of its months… Thus you have to be prepared to keep yourself warm and stylish! So let’s get to the most irreplaceable elements of women fashion catalogues.

One of the most wanted top clothes is the classical trench coat (mackintosh). Why we started talking mackintosh as the first one? Totally universal, practical and stylish cloth fits well to any business suit and night dress combinations. The style trend of trench coat is made for days, when putting on winter coat is too heavy and hot. You can make your style profile with camel-sand, warm gray and lemon color tins for the fall of a current year.

Furry woolen sweater or cardigan is the second one, which can’t be replaced in autumn fashion collage. It’s always one of the most favorite and popular clothes for cool weather times, which will be warming your body even in the beginning of winter. Nude, black and autumn blue hues are in priority.

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Shortened pants and jeans! Slightly shortened woollen pants that are slimming on the bottom are complementary not only for ideally slim girls, but also for plus size ladies and it demonstrates the beauty of female body. Shortened woollen pants and jeans will fit to any style and image.

You can change your style idea with additional accessories such as hats, bags and bracelets. Believe your inspiration and enjoy must have autumn women fashion clothes!


Latest knitwear trends of the spring/summer 2014.

Knitwear brings warmness and comfort to the fashionable statement. You can wear pullovers, cardigans, cashmere knitwear of different colours and styles all year around as an alternative to shirts, blouses, T-shirts, and etc. It can be layered over dresses and tops or under coats and jackets. Trench coats will do its best to create a glamorous look even if it is plain or colourful made with leopard or floral prints.

Use colour combinations that are popular in the spring/summer season 2014 such as pastel, neutral or bright and jewel tones to create a casual or formal look.

If you think you can wear any sweaters only with jeans, you are wrong. Knitwear can be matched with:

  • Stockings and leggings: show off your legs by wearing oversized sweaters over leggings.


  • Leather pants: real leather pants look trendy with knitwear. In case you do not have them, use black leggings or leather boots instead.

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  • Shorts: shorts can be worn all year around, but make sure you wear tights in cooler weather to keep yourself warm.


  • Maxi or pencil skirts: hide or emphasize your charming curves and waist.


  • Fur vest: put a fur west on the top of the sweater to finish your stunning outfit.


Use additional tricks to create the cozy look for chilly summer evenings by wearing sweaters off shoulder, with belts or like a dress.