Make style online or shop strategically

Perhaps you have noticed that many of the online shops with women fashion catalogues are offering coupon on your purchases. No matter what great looks for weekend you are buying it’s important to know how to shop strategically and save money on your fashion idea. So let’s check out types of coupons that are offered in online women fashion clothing catalogs.

Coupons for discounts are the most popular type. During a seasonal sale of latest women fashion clothing there are discounts for certain categories of products. Offered coupons can deduct the price of your item in the shopping cart of online wardrobe. Thus save your money!

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Another type of coupons are accumulated bonuses that are recorded on your account name from making purchases to fulfill your wardrobe idea. These bonuses at certain amount can be redeemed for some free staff or turn into a discount amount that deducted from one of your next purchase of clothes: dress, jeans, shirt, pants, blouses, coats and other.

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Next category are the coupons with promo codes, which allow you make get benefits from personal and private discount using your promo code. Normally such coupons are not given out by the sellers, but instead some sponsoring or other companies and other companies award it to you so you can use them as discount.

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How to stay warm and stylish in chilly winter days

When winter comes, we think what to wear and we have to make a choice – to dress warm or stylish. But it is so easy to combine both. So, let’s talk about it and see how to stay fashionable in cold winter days.

  • Choose “winter” fabrics

The best fabric for your clothing that you put on your body is cotton and fine wool. Pay attention to thermal underwear. As for the other things, you can choose dense suiting fabric, wool, tweed, jersey.

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  • Buy some winter dresses

Women fashion clothing catalogues offer a wide range of original fashionable winter outfit and dresses. You can choose knitted dresses, cashmere, mohair, leather and even fur dresses, that you can combine with stylish accessories.

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  • Here are some stylish winter combinations:

– cotton shirt, thin sweater, trouser suit made ​​of wool or cashmere;
– shirt, polo neck made of wool, long vest;
– thin sweater or polo neck plus dress with short sleeve, cardigan;
– pants or skirt, blouse, cardigan, with a short jacket over it.

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  • Combine fabrics and wear multilayer clothing

Winter women fashion let you combine pieces of clothing of different fabrics. Remember the very important rule of winter multi layers: you should not put on more than three layers of clothing at a time. 

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  • Choose stylish outwear

The warmest and the most elegant outwear is a fur coat, of course. But if this option is not acceptable for any reason, then choose a warm coat or a jacket. You can add colors to your image by wearing cashmere or wool scarf.

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Autumn fashion trends: business style

Since a long ago, most of the people think that business style is neither comfortable nor practical due to strict dress-code rules, which are really boring and close to minimalism. So what should you choose while corporate etiquette rules are telling what to wear and you who is willing to look stylish?!

Many famous fashion houses started their own trends, which are aimed to bring a fashion elements into business industry. Check out the new wardrobe ideas that can be worn not only in the office but also to the dinners and entertainment nights, which harmonically combine elegant and feminine image with innovative and latest women fashion trends.

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Elegant blazers and suits with bright accessories, close-fitting jackets, blouses, straight skirts or just full-length dresses create elegant image. Most of the attention for autumn fashion trends is given for refined lace, zippers and natural leather. Such combination of various charming details together with good quality fabrics develops unforgettable image. Create and share your own style ideas on DressPanic.com!

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